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1st Series
Red Ludlow: all except Hostage Cakes Liptorn Maddie Boy
Black Ludlow: all except Jail-O Tied Weakies

2nd Series
Red Ludlow
Ajerx Awful Bits Blunder Bread Botch Tape Commie Cleanser Ditch Masters Dull Pineapple
Fish-Bone Dressing Gyppy Pop Hurts Tomatoes Kook Cigarettes Log Cave In Syrup Minute Mud Plastered Peanuts
Putrid Cat Chow Run Tony Shells Sailem Ultra Blight
Black Ludlow
Ajerx Blecch Shampoo Boo-Hoo Drink Hurts Tomatoes Sailem Schtick Blades

3rd Series
Topps White Back:
Crakola Drowny Fright Guard Hired Root Beer Hungry Jerk Koduck Lucky Stride
No Tips 1A Sauce Rice A Phony Spit and Spill
O-Pee-Chee Tan Back
Argh Choke King Drowny Foolball Hawaiian Punks Hurtz Koduck
Motorzola No Tips 1A Sauce Rabid Shave Raw Leaves Rice A Phony Sledge
Sweat Hard Windchester
O-Pee-Chee Bleached Checklists:
Bottom Right (#9)

13th Series
White Back: all except Beastball

14th Series
Tri-Fold Back:
Ain't Toothpaste Taffy Cat Food

2020 Weekly Series
#20 Pig Wheel Coupon Back

Wacky Minis 3rd Series
Ivery Snow Pupsi-Cola Shrunken Donuts

  • Wacky Can Labels
  • Vending Machine Wackys
  • "Hotel" Wackys: Bit-O-Money(2), Plastered(2), Peter Pain, Bustedfinger variation
  • Wacky Package Mail In Offer Posters
  • Kooky Patches: Junky
  • Mr. Baloney's Comics
    18 Tarnation 20 Grave Train Dog Food 22 Soxodol Suds 23 Crust Tooth Paste 25 Renold Doefin 30 Madbury Chocolate Bar 27 Nutscafee Instant Coffee
    35 Stalemers Pork And Beans 37 Smoke Playing Cigarette 38 Rave-Alone Make-Up 42 Trampbell's Soup 50 Smellog's Worn Flakes
  • Unopened Packs  

    Die Cuts Wacky Ads 5 Wacky Ads 10 1st Series 0-422-21-01-3 1st Series 0-422-85-01-3
    1st Series Cloth Stickers 1st Series O-Pee-Chee 1st Series UK 2nd Series O-Pee-Chee Red 2nd Series UK
    3rd Series Red 0-422-21-01-3 3rd Series Red 0-422-85-01-3 3rd Series Yellow 0-436-21-01-3 3rd Series O-Pee-Chee 4th Series 0-436-85-01-3
    4th Series O-Pee-Chee Red 5th Series Yellow 0-436-85-01-3 5th Series Blue 0-462-21-02-3 5th Series Blue 0-462-85-02-3 7th Series 0-462-85-02-3
    8th Series Orange 0-465-85-02-4 11th Series Green 0-407-85-01-4 13th Series 0-483-85-01-5 14th Series 0-478-85-01-4 English Rerun 0-450-0-6
    Irish Test 0-463-0-1 1979 Test Pack 1979 OPC Series 2 1979 OPC Series 3


    Wacky Ads 5 Wacky Ads 10 1st Series Cloth 1979 Test T-120-7 Posters Yellow Gold Rush Gum 0-416-93-01-3

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