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Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Database Statistics
  Men Women Total
Players: 9168 6779 15947
Tournaments: 1634 1207 2841
Happy Birthday
Paulo Serano 45
Jean-Christian Gras 45
Sandra Vallejo 44
Athena Gerochristodoulou 43
Tamara Larrea Peraza 42
Steve May 41
Rich VanHuizen 40
Mike Salak 40
John Buckles 40
Antonio Cotrino 39
Andy Ardiyansah 37
Sebastian Goettlinger 35
Anna Scardigno 35
Garry Udiah 34
Hyxe Napky 34
Miroslava Martinez 34
Jurgita Dubakaite 34
John Grotowski 34
Nick Scheftic 33
Jarrod Honrada 31
Evgheni Tcacenco 31
Tora Hansson 28
Carolina Aragao 28
Wuqin Lin 27
Fabrizio Andreatta 27
Pavlo Ostapenko 26
Maurizio Montanari 18
Nathanael Noreiga 17
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Beach Volleyball History
In 1990
George Carey and Mike Stafford won the AVP Sanctioned PBVA Coffs Harbour Open.  It was the 1st win for George Carey, the 1st win for Mike Stafford, and the 1st win for the team.
In 1990
Susan Carroll and Marion Taylor won the AVP Sanctioned PBVA Coffs Harbour Open.  It was the 1st win for Susan Carroll, the 1st win for Marion Taylor, and the 1st win for the team.
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Latest News and Feature Articles
Hamburg to host German Grand Slam in June 2016
Lausanne, Switzerland, November 25, 2015 - The FIVB is pleased to announce that Hamburg, Germany will welcome an FIVB Beach Volleyball Word Tour Grand Slam event from June 7 through to June 12, 2016.
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Prudel and Fijalek already prepping for huge year ahead
Warsaw, Poland, November 24, 2015 – Poland’s leading duo Grzegorz Fijalek and Mariusz Prudel have already begun their preparations for the continuation of the 2015-16 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour next year and the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games.
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    Beach Volleyball Slideshow
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    "Sands of Time" The History of Beach Volleyball
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    Upcoming Tournaments
    Dates Tour Tournament Gender Purse
    Jan 26-31, 2016 FIVB Vitória Open, Brazil M&W US$
    Feb 15-19, 2016 FIVB Kish Island Open, Iran M US$
    Feb 23-28, 2016 FIVB Maceio Open, Brazil M&W US$
    Mar 8-13, 2016 FIVB Rio de Janeiro Grand Slam, Brazil M&W US$
    Apr 3-8, 2016 FIVB Doha Open, Qatar M US$
    Apr 12-16, 2016 FIVB Xiamen Open, China M US$
    Apr 13-17, 2016 FIVB Xiamen Open, China W US$
    Apr 19-23, 2016 FIVB Fuzhou Open, China M US$
    Apr 20-24, 2016 FIVB Fuzhou Open, China W US$
    Apr 26-May 1, 2016 FIVB Fortaleza Open, Brazil M&W US$


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